15 narratives(Seyun and others), Dimension variable, 2015

My artwork begins with research on the experiencing of objects or other people. My aim is to show how signs, objects, and invisible ideas have become categorized according to gender. I conduct research and generate outcomes—which sometimes take a visual form; other times they are composed of texts. The works are divided into series: Collected Anonymity is an ongoing sculptural project dating back to 2015 that consists of collected stockings that have been worn by women.

However, the essential substance of this series can be found in its title, not its formal characteristics, which are reminiscent of minimalism. If you examine the titles—Circle and Vanishing Point (Seyun, Ryurim), and Lost Control (Kyoungae, Seyun)you can spot the names of women who have donated their stockings for the work. The piece hinges on how the viewer perceives and consumes the names of the women—who maintain their anonymity, despite having shared intimate personal items.


Safe House 2020 — Curated by. Sungah Kang